Ghostbusters Slot

During a visit to Las Vegas in 2012 i soon ran into the Ghostbusters slot machine by IGT. Straight away it really stood out as an incredibly interactive and entertaining slot game. Fans of the 1980′s hit Hollywood film will be captivated to see many of the film characters, memorable one liners and scenes from the film, plus there are surprising features like a slimey ghost appearing in a corner of the screen at random that rams a hotdog down its throat and burps out a cash bonus.

Ghostbusters Slot features 5 progressive jackpots and 3 bonus games. To get involved in the bonus games, including a chance at the progressive jackpots, you need to get 3 Ghostbuster symbols. This is where you can win some great cash bonuses.

Ghostbusters Slot Bonus

This a photo i took of the ghostbusters slot bonus feature taken in Bellagio.

Are You Psychic Bonus:
The idea of the Psychic bonus is to match the image Dr Venkman is showing. Each correct guess wins you a bonus and lifts you up to a higher level of winnings with the next correct guess. But if you pick incorrectly, Dr. Venkman will give you an electric shock, get too many shocks and the Psychic bonus feature ends.

Ballroom Busters:
In the Ballroom Busters bonus you shoot the proton blaster at 5 objects in the ballroom, like a table or chandelier hoping to reveal ghosts. Each ghost will award a cash bonus, and some ghosts will give you bonus multiplier.

Stay Puft Bonus:
In the Stay Puft bonus, marshmallows fall from above and stick to the reels turning them wild. Getting Wilds, generally means big payouts.

In the offline version of Ghostbusters slot machine you are invited to sit in a 3D effects chair to get the full experience. Each seat has speakers in the headrest, the seat itself vibrates to the features that are shown on the screen.The images on the reels give the appearance of popping out at you. The overall impact on your senses makes the ghostbusters slot very enjoyable. Have fun playing it if you visit Vegas yourself in the near future.

Online Ghostbuster Slot Machine
Now if you cant get the time off work or Las Vegas is out of your reach for the moment, then the Ghostbusters Slot Machine is readily available on your internet device either free play or gaming for real. Click Here For Ghostbusters Online Slot Machine

Once you have clicked that link you will be at this page


At the time of writing you can click where it says The Best New Games Online in the bottom right corner the Ghostbusters slot is available for real and free play.

Or Scroll down the page and you will see a massive list of slot games, here is the Ghostbusters Slot Link.


Here is a real screenshot of Ghostbusters Slot Online with Bet365, it is truly fantastic, complete with the Ghostbusters signature theme tune and a burping, farting and bogey eating slimer ghost, there is stacks to keep you entertained.


Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters….Click Here To Play Ghostbusters Online Slot Machine

Here is the Ballroom Buster Bonus mentioned earlier, shoot the proton blaster at 5 different objects to win Big Money


Here is The Ghostbuster Fart, He also Picks his Nose, Eats His Bogeys and scratches the inside of his ear.

Look at his face at the prospect of Bonus. Occasionally he farts and blows him self away giving you a cash bonus. I’ve even seen seen him wear a Chefs Hat and hand out a bonus. He is sure to make you laugh.

Here is the Stay Puft Bonus with flaming Marshmallows dropping down and turning into Wilds during Free Spin Games.


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Have Fun and Gamble Responsibly!